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This explainer video was created for staff at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The video explains the new performance management process adopted by the organization. Vyond was used to create this video.


This course was created to be a personalized diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging training catered to the global staff of EGPAF. Articulate Rise, Storyline and Vyond were used to develop the course. 

Working From Home

This is an onboarding course designed to train new staff on the privacy policies and procedures at the company. Articulate Rise and Storyline was used for the development of this course. 


Enterprise ID Project

This project was created in E-Learning Launch's Enterprise ID cohort. The task was to create a training solution for a business need. I worked collaboratively in a team to perform a needs analysis, design document, storyboard, facilitator guide, a participant guide and a self-paced e-learning module. I created the Articulate Rise self-paced course. The entire project can be found here.

Two Pens on Notebook

I created an infographic that would show the breakdown of the faculty development plan at a university in the online department.  The infographic was created in Canva.


I was tasked with creating a test drive site at my university.  The purpose of this site is to allow prospective students to get a sense of what it is like to take an online course with the university.  This course gives an overview of the academic programs offered, a Blackboard overview, and leads you to an actual test course inside Blackboard.


REACH Needs Assessment 

During a Needs Assessment course, I had to reach out to an organization and create a needs assessment report specific to their company.  I worked with REACH Inc. to identify the needs of their non-profit organization. I  provided my recommendations based on my analysis in a 17-page assessment.


Shared Reading Professional Development Course

Hampton City Schools' Language Arts department implemented a new curriculum framework for all English teachers. I created a professional development course for teachers on implementing the new curriculum.  This shows the design document, facilitator and participant guides for the course. View the Design Document here.  View the Facilitator's Guide here. View the Participant's Guide here.

To discuss my projects and view more samples of my work, please contact me today.

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