Enterprise ID Project

This project was created in E-Learning Launch's Enterprise ID cohort. The task was to create a training solution for a business need. I worked collaboratively in a team to perform a needs analysis, design document, storyboard, facilitator guide, a participant guide and a self-paced e-learning module. I created the Articulate Rise self-paced course. The entire project can be found here.

Military Aircraft

Air Force Individual Reservist Training

This course educates Individual Reservists (IR) on the role and responsibilities of the Unit Reserve Coordinator and how they are vital to the success of the IR. For this course, I conducted SME interviews, designed and developed the needs analysis and learning design document. I developed the course in Articulate Rise.

Image by Lance Anderson

Air Force Individual Reservist Training

This course educates the Individual Reservist on the requirements needed for retirement. For this course, I conducted SME interviews, designed and developed the needs analysis and learning design document. The course was developed in Articulate Rise.


This is a demo where I created a learning object in Articulate 360.  For this demo, I took the provided content and crafted it into a tabbed overlay interaction in Storyline.  This broke up the content for easy and manageable learning of the topic and aligned with the learning objectives.  From there a video interaction was added to give an animated high-interest explanation of the topic. An interactive discussion board was added to give a component of interactivity with peers around the content.  An escape room formatted quiz was added as an assessment to close out the learning module.

Two Pens on Notebook

I created an infographic that would show the breakdown of the faculty development plan at a university in the online department.  The infographic was created in Canva.


This is a quick tutorial course that gets students acclimated with the Blackboard mobile site with Hampton University Online.


I was tasked with creating a test drive site at my university.  The purpose of this site is to allow prospective students to get a sense of what it is like to take an online course with the university.  This course gives an overview of the academic programs offered, a Blackboard overview, and leads you to an actual test course inside Blackboard.


REACH Needs Assessment 

During a Needs Assessment course, I had to reach out to an organization and create a needs assessment report specific to their company.  I worked with REACH Inc. to identify the needs of their non-profit organization. I  provided my recommendations based on my analysis in a 17-page assessment.


Shared Reading Professional Development Course

Hampton City Schools' Language Arts department implemented a new curriculum framework for all English teachers. I created a professional development course for teachers on implementing the new curriculum.  This shows the design document, facilitator and participant guides for the course. View the Design Document here.  View the Facilitator's Guide here. View the Participant's Guide here.

Education Books Bookshelfs

This course was done over the course of two classes in my E-Learning graduate certificate program and in my Masters ID&T courses at ODU. The purpose of this course was to equip teachers with the skills needed to incorporate guided inquiry in the English classroom.  A design document was created in collaboration with a classmate.  We worked together and created individual modules using Articulate Rise.

Video Camera

When I was a journalist, I used to shoot and edit news video for the newspaper's website.

phones charging

I took a mobile learning course and was tasked with creating a mobile app demo. For my demo, I created an app called Book Talk It. The purpose of this app is to allow students to find books to read and have access to Book Talks (recommendations) at the swipe of their finger.  Students will complete a survey and the results will populate an extended list of book talk videos given by other students.  Students will be able to comment on Book Talk Videos, like the book talk or dislike it.  If they like the video it will show up in their Book Shelf.  Once they finish the book they are able to upload their own Book Talk video for that book.  This app is functioning as a tool to give students options in what they read, so they will not find books or reading, “boring.”  This video was completed in Camtasia.

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